Smart Training Plans in 2021


“Every Tuesday is my speed workout.”

One of the many phrases I hear, and I instantly know I can help a runner.

The others include the smirk I receive when I ask, “can you show me what you’re doing for strength training?” Or “what do your recovery weeks look like?” That’s before I get the question about pacing that results in a “shrug.”

Being a Physical Therapist and running coach has helped me understand the critical balance between risk and reward training for a race.

The sweet spot for all runners differs, but when it comes to training smarter — especially for runners over 40 — I find a few principles work like gangbusters. The principles are included in the RunSmart Training plans but can fit into any training program, from 5K to marathon and beyond.

My top advice for runners who are training for an upcoming race are included in this video.

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With RunSmart Training Plans, you get:

  • Instant and 24/7 access to your training plan on your phone through the RunSmart App.
  • A complete plan that includes distances, mileage, and paces so you can recovery faster, perform better, and minimize injury.
  • Ditch your spreadsheet – RunSmart provides the ability to adjust your goals, swap days, and even change your paces.
  • A full plan look-ahead to what’s coming to avoid surprises and plan your running and lift together
  • Includes strength training and recovery workouts to keep you feeling your best and injury-free from start to finish

Build your training plan, today.

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