Strengthen Your Stride: BaseSix Bootcamp

Unveil the runner’s strength you never knew you had with BaseSix Bootcamp. Dive into a transformative 12-workout series sculpted by Physical Therapists and discover unparalleled balance and power in just 30 minutes a day.

Run Stronger, Every Day

  • CLASSES: 12
  • }AVERAGE DURATION: 30 Minutes
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • INTENSITY: 7/10

Meet BaseSix Bootcamp, where running meets resilience. This 12-workout series, meticulously crafted by Physical Therapists, hones in on core, balance, and glute strength—elements pivotal for every runner’s success.

With each session lasting a mere 30 minutes, it effortlessly fits even the busiest of schedules, ensuring you get the strength boost without the time drain.

In this BaseSix Bootcamp, you will:


Precision Design: 12 workouts fine-tuned for runners, focusing on balance, glutes, and core.


Efficient Workouts: Feel the transformation without the time commitment. At just 30 minutes, each session is both impactful and concise.


Runner-Specific Focus: Address and rectify imbalances that hinder your running potential, and experience a renewed sense of power and pace in your runs.

Experience the BaseSix difference. A stronger, more balanced run awaits. Dive into the challenge with a 14-day free trial of RunSmart.

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Unlock BaseSix Bootcamp with a 14-day free trial.

After your trial, membership is $15/month or $119/year. No contracts or cancellation fees. Cancel during your trial and you’ll never be charged.

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