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BaseSix Bootcamp

  • CLASSES: 12
  • }AVERAGE DURATION: 30 Minutes
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • INTENSITY: 7/10
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Transform your running with BaseSix Bootcamp, a 12-workout Physical Therapist-designed series to enhance balance, glute, and core strength. With an average duration of just 30 minutes per session, you can easily incorporate this program into your daily routine, regardless of your hectic schedule.

BaseSix Bootcamp keeps runners challenged and motivated.  Easily discover & fix imbalances through runner-specific exercises that are essential to fast and pain-free running.  

See how stronger running feels as you recover faster, hold your pace more easily, and power through your runs.

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In this BaseSix Bootcamp, you will:


Participate in a 12-workout Physical Therapist-designed series to strengthen your balance, glutes, and core


Stay motivated and see results fast in your strength, running, and balance


Overcome time constraints and stay motivated with concise, efficient, and engaging workouts that seamlessly fit into your daily life

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