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At RunSmart, we are dedicated to empowering runners to achieve their full potential with personalized training plans, expert guidance, and the motivation they need to reach their goals. Our mission is to help runners train smarter, run consistently, and prevent injury, leading to healthier and more fulfilling running experiences.

RunSmart started from the personal journey of our founder, Physical Therapist, Steve Gonser.  Like many runners, Steve’s journey began later in life, sparked by the need to reduce stress and improve his health while earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. What began as a few weekly runs soon evolved into a marathon pursuit.

However, Steve’s initial attempts at marathon training were far from ideal. The generic plans he followed didn’t account for his unique goals, abilities, or schedule, leading to frustrating results. Determined to improve, Steve leveraged his knowledge in exercise science and Physical Therapy to craft a tailored training plan that suited his needs.

The results were transformative. He reduced his marathon time from over four hours to under three, achieving six Boston Qualifier runs and a personal record of 2:51. Inspired by this success, Steve began coaching other runners, implementing his training methods with remarkable results.

Seeing the impact on others, he recognized an opportunity to make these proven training methods accessible to more runners, without the high cost of a personal coach or gym membership.

And with that vision, RunSmart was born.

Separating From the Pack

RunSmart is built on proven training and injury prevention principles developed by our founder, Steve Gonser, a seasoned physical therapist and accomplished runner. Our plans are designed to optimize performance and minimize the risk of injury, giving you the best chance to succeed.

Tech Expertise

Our AI technology, combined with the expertise of physical therapists and running coaches, delivers personalized training plans that adapt to your unique needs and progress. Unlike generic plans, our approach ensures that every runner gets a customized experience tailored to their goals, abilities, and schedule.

Our Values

We not only value a good run and sweet PRs but also believe in inclusivity, community health, and innovating. Our commitment to these values drives everything we do, from developing cutting-edge AI technology to fostering a supportive community of runners.

Michele Quatrini

Today I ran a 5k PR that I have been chasing since 2014 using this program. This comes on the heels of an 8 minute half marathon PR in October I had been chasing for just as long. I have tried all different types of training plans but none have been as successful. These plans work!

Casey Kemp

Shaved 14 minutes off my marathon PR today at the Eugene Marathon in Oregon. Went from a 3:24 to a 3:10. Thank you for getting me there. Cant wait to start training in a few weeks to try and shave more time to hit that BQ time. Have a fantastic Sunday!

Sara Baker

Had quite a year setting 2 PR’s in the half 1:36:43 and the full in Chicago 3:27:52 and it’s all thanks to RunSmart training!

Gayle Marie

I can say that RunSmart works! PR of a half marathon of over 8 minutes two weeks ago and a PR of a marathon today of over 4 minutes.  Chicago here I come for a BQ!! Thanks for this great program and PT!!

Courtney Dialy

Had a PR today and first place in my age group at the Queen City Half Marathon!!! Thank you RunSmart! There is NO WAY I could have done this without all of your half marathon plan!

Mike Disarno

Just wanted to thank to RunSmart for a killer training plan. I did the 18-week plan, and today was my A race (wineglass full). Rocked out a sub at 3:40. 2:30 min pr! Thank you!

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