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Design your entire running journey, or supercharge your existing plan with RunSmart.  Powered by Physical Therapists.

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Train Smarter, Not Harder.

Manage your entire running journey from one platform.  Rooted in best practices and designed by Physical Therapists, you’ll have what you need to hit your goals – and stay injury-free.

Get & Stay Fit

Build a step-by-step plan for getting back in shape or maintaining your fitness.


Train for a Race

Build a personalized running plan that includes all your running, cross-training, and injury prevention.


Supplement Current Plan

Supercharge your training plan with Physical Therapist-designed strength and mobility workouts, run form training, nutrition training, and more!

Join the thousands of runners tap into personalized and expert-crafted plans that focus on performance and injury prevention.

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Build Your Consistency

Get Back on Track

Regain your consistency and motivations with plans you can personalize to your schedule and goals.

Hit the Reset Button

Return from time off or injury with a step-by-step plan that keeps you motivated and consistent.

Step-by-step guidance

Easy to follow guides to form smarter training habits that last for the long run.


Personalized Running Plans

Easily build a running plan for race day, recovery, or maintenance. Get every run, cross training day, and workout planned. Plus, the ability to adjust on the fly to fit your schedule.


Customize or Enhance Your Training Journey

Whether building a new plan or enhancing an existing one, RunSmart seamlessly adapts to fit your needs. Our platform supports runners at all levels, offering flexible, integrated tools and programs designed to help you run smarter, not harder.

“Thank you, RunSmart, for giving me the skills to come out of injury and pull off a 3:50:56 at NYC with zero issues! So great to come from a PR in Chicago with no pressure and enjoy every bit of the NYC experience.”

– Julie Dunbar

Ran my B race, Hershey Half Marathon, today at the Sweetest Place on Earth. PR by 6.5 minutes!”

– David W

Got my BQ and PR’d by over 4 minutes! 3:23:41 in the Jack and Jill marathon out in North bend, Washington! Thank you Steve Gonser and RunSmart training for keeping me strong and helping me reach my goals!

– Sarah Baker

Integrate with Your Training

Seamlessly integrate a variety of programs into your existing training. All programs are designed by a physical Therapist to keep you feeling and running your best.

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