Keeping a Running Routine During Holidays


Do you hit an “end-of-year” slump with your running & training?

While downtime is okay this month, keeping a routine is essential.

My first tip for December: Stay consistent

You lose more than fitness when you fall off a running routine. Muscles, joints, and tendons forget how running feels.

As a Physical Therapist, I would call it a “softening” of these areas. While that’s not a technical term, it gives you an idea of what’s happening to your body.

At a minimum, I recommend running thirty minutes three times weekly to keep your body in tune with running. It can also save you mentally through the holidays (😂😂).

Second tip:

You shouldn’t feel like you need to “force” running or “find the time.” Keep runs relaxed and low-pressure.  Avoid running comfortably hard (or any speed work, for that matter).

Use December runs as a time to reflect. It can be relaxing to reconnect with running.

How it helps come January:

When runners fall out of routine in December, I find one of two things happen:

  1. Runners struggle to get going
  2. Runners shock their bodies after a month off — resulting in injury

If you stay consistent and avoid running too hard, you’ll be much better after the holidays.

Also, if you need help setting a routine, I encourage you to check out RunSmart Reset!

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