Swing Into Peak Performance with RunSmart PRIME

Crafted exclusively for runners, PRIME is a runner-specific kettlebell program. Elevate your strength and endurance in sessions perfectly tuned to the runner’s rhythm. Discover a dynamic blend of power and agility, designed to optimize every mile.

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Elevate Your Running

  • CLASSES: 12
  • }AVERAGE DURATION: 30 Minutes
  • DIFFICULTY: Advanced
  • INTENSITY: 8/10

Meet RunSmart PRIME – the pinnacle of kettlebell training designed exclusively for the dedicated runner. This meticulously crafted program targets balance, strength, and endurance, empowering you to conquer each run with renewed vigor and resilience.

The Kettlebell Advantage: Harness the unique power of the kettlebell to amplify strength, flexibility, and stamina. For optimal results, we recommend a 5-10 pound kettlebell for women and 10-15 pounds for men. If you’re without one, consider investing; dumbbells can be a temporary substitute.

Incorporating PRIME: Given its advanced nature, PRIME is best suited for runners who’ve already embraced the challenges of BaseSix Bootcamp. Those on intensive training should integrate PRIME once a week, while others aiming for enhanced strength can delve in twice a week.

Prior experience with BaseSix Bootcamp or RunSmart Yoga ensures you wield the kettlebell with power and precision, paving the way for reduced injuries and peak performance.

Experience the PRIME Difference. Unlock power, precision, and unparalleled endurance in every run. Step into this transformative journey with a 14-day free trial of RunSmart.

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Unlock RunSmart Prime with a 14-day free trial.

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14-Days Free to Use, Cancel Anytime.