60 Second Core

  • CLASSES: 1
  • }DURATION: 35 Minutes
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • INTENSITY: 5/10
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Build core strength that will carry you through your running career with 60 Second Core. This program is not like other core routines.  You won’t be performing endless crunches, sit ups, or bicycles.  Instead, you’ll engage in a routine that is safe your low back, beneficial to your running, and targets areas throughout your core.

Join Physical Therapist, Steve Gonser PT DPT and add stability exercises in 60 second increments – make it easy to fit into an existing strength program, warm up or cool down routine.  You’ll also enjoy modifications and progressions, making it perfect for all levels of runners.  

Run stronger, with more control, and feel steady on your feet with 60 Second Core.  Explore 60 Second Core today with a free 14-day trial to RunSmart.

Through 60 Second Core, you will:


Perform core exercises that are safe for your back and target muscle throughout your core


Easily modify, progress, and enhance your core routine with easy-to-follow steps


Engage in an easy-to-add and quick routine to overcome time constraints and stay motivated


Feel stronger not only on your runs, but with your daily activities


Discover our top 10 Physical Therapist-designed exercises that improve speed and prevent injury

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