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RunSmart Reset

30-Day Challenge

  • CLASSES: 12
  • }AVERAGE DURATION: 30 Minutes
  • DIFFICULTY: Beginner to Intermediate
  • INTENSITY: 3/10
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Start a running routine with RunSmart Reset.

Are you new to running or an experienced runner who has fallen out of your routine? Have you tried to start a running routine, only to lose motivation, feel intimidated, and struggle to stick with it?

Our all-new RunSmart Reset program is designed to help you build a running routine from scratch. Build consistency, strength, and mobility with the RunSmart Reset 30-Day Challenge. Access our specially curated daily exercises designed to take you from the couch to the roads in 30 days.

Physical Therapist Steve Gonser designed RunSmart Reset as a fully customizable program to get you into a routine and keep you motivated.

RunSmart Reset is for you if:


You’ve never had a running routine.


You’re returning to running after a break or have been cleared for exercise after recovering from an injury.


You want to start right and make sure you train proper muscle groups to support your joints, muscles, and tendons as you run.


You’re looking for a easy program to follow and support of other to keep you motivated.

RunSmart Reset contains all the training you need to set a routine and run consistently in 30 days.

The program includes:


Daily training on how to build a running routine, customize your workouts and plan your schedule.


Customized warm-up and cool-down routines to help you perform your best and recover effectively


Strength training to keep you consistent and avoid falling out of routine

PLUS, you get the RunSmart app that provides year-round access to our complete library of Physical Therapist-designed coaching and training programs.

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