Steve Gonser, PT DPT

Physical Therapist, Run Coach & 6X Boston Qualifier | Founder of RunSmart

I’m a Physical Therapist who has a passion for running and helping runners train smarter, run consistently, and prevent injury.  I’m also blessed with an amazing family that includes two beautiful children, a wonderful wife, and a crazy pup – Winston.

Like most runners, my running career didn’t start until later in life.

While earning my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, I took up running to reduce stress and improve my health.  My few runs per week evolved and lead me into running a marathon.

After struggling to finish my first and then my second marathon, I realized that my training was far from ideal.

My generic training plan didn’t account for my goals, ability, or schedule.

Frustrated with my results, I began to use my knowledge in exercise science and Physical Therapy to craft a plan that worked for me.

The result?  I brought my marathon time down from over four hours to under three – including six Boston Qualifier runs and a PR of 2:51.

The success led me to coaching and implementing my training methods with other runners.  As others achieved results, I saw an opportunity to provide the same proven training to others – without the high cost of a coach, trainer, or gym.

And with that, RunSmart was born.