Who Are We?

RunSmart Online is your one-stop-shop for becoming a stronger, faster, and most importantly-injury-free runner. Our staff of physical therapists live running, treating thousands of runners every year in the clinic, while coaching and racing themselves.

What would happen if your injuries were few and far between? How much would your running improve if you could consistently train with less interruption? That’s precisely what we aim to achieve with our patients and members. Our therapists provide a runner-specific approach to treating the entire athlete. Our focus is teaching you how to run more efficiently and build strength that directly translates back to the road.

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Everything You Need to Run Injury-Free & Fast

RunSmart Online is an online, OnDemand training resource that gives you access to “runner-specific” strength training, training plans, and run form instruction. All of our content is generated with running in mind with two goals: keep you injury-free and running your best.

Our online videos and content are geared towards everyday runners who are running purely on the passion of letting their feet hit the pavement. You can access all strength workouts, run form instruction, and training plans from anywhere, whether it be work, home, or on the road.

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