Spring Running and Training – Tips for Running Faster


If you’re gearing up for a race, it’s crucial to remember that getting faster isn’t just about how hard you train but how smart you train.

Explore the tips below from our Physical Therapists that prioritize performance and injury prevention.


Understanding the Role of Speed Workouts

One common misconception is that speed workouts must be a staple in your weekly training. However, this isn’t necessarily the best strategy for building your speed safely and sustainably. Focusing too heavily on speed work early in your training plan can increase your risk of injury and burnout.


The Strategy of Building Volume

The key to improving your race times in 2024 lies in how you structure your training, particularly in the early phases. The initial focus should be on increasing your running volume at slower paces. This approach lays a solid aerobic foundation, crucial for endurance and overall fitness.


Transitioning to Speed Work

Once your running volume is established, typically with about 6-8 weeks left in your plan, it’s time to introduce speed workouts. These should progress from longer, sustained tempo workouts to shorter, more intense intervals, like quarter to mile repeats. This gradual shift prepares your body for the demands of race pace and reduces the risk of injury.


RunSmart’s Approach

At RunSmart, we incorporate these principles into our training plans. We understand the balance between volume and intensity and how to progress each runner safely towards their goals.

Whether you’re eyeing a new personal best or just looking to cross the finish line strong, our approach is tailored to ensure you’re not just running hard but running smart.


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