Finding Speed & Durability with Fast Over 40.

Redefine your running potential, ensuring every mile is both swift and sustainable, regardless of the calendar. Injury prevention focused. Physical Therapist Designed.

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Fast Over 40

  • CLASSES: 1
  • }DURATION: 46 Minutes

Just because the years are adding up doesn’t mean your race times need to slow down. With the Fast Over 40 program, we illuminate the path to maintaining – even elevating – your running prowess as you age. This isn’t just for beginners; even seasoned runners will discover golden nuggets of wisdom to enhance their stride and longevity.

Whether you’re guided by a personal coach, following an online plan, or charting your own course, Fast Over 40 pinpoints the strategies to amplify enjoyment and avoid pitfalls in your running journey.

Take on your prime years with speed and grace. Start your exploration with a free 14-day trial to Fast Over 40.


Smart Shoe Transitions: Discover the art of seamlessly transitioning between shoes—even within the same brand—to prevent injuries.


Build Mileage Mindfully: Uncover the secrets of increasing distance without compromising on speed or quality.


Gain Speed Safely: Learn how to enhance your pace without the risks of overtraining or injuries.


Run Long, Run Strong: Absorb invaluable tips that pave the way for a long and flourishing running journey.


Unlock Fast Over 40 with a 14-day free trial.

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14-Days Free to Use, Cancel Anytime.

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