Unlock Your Potential with Base3 Bootcamp

Embark on a foundation-building journey tailored for runners. Whether you’re just beginning your strength training or refining your regimen, Base3 paves the way for empowered, injury-resistant running.

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Build a strong foundation.

  • CLASSES: 6
  • }DURATION: 30 Minutes
  • DIFFICULTY: Beginner
  • INTENSITY: 5/10

Embark on a transformative journey over six specialized strength sessions tailored for those commencing their strength training endeavors. Engage alongside like-minded runners, fostering an encouraging group dynamic that’ll have you eagerly anticipating each session. With adaptability at its core, Base3 Bootcamp offers modifications and progressions to cater to a diverse range of capabilities.


Immerse in 30-minute strength sessions, meticulously designed by Physical Therapists, to effortlessly fit your busy life.


Dive deep into runner-centric exercises that pinpoint imbalances, fortifying your strength.


Experience runs that feel more synchronized, agile, and powerful, irrespective of the distance.

Elevate your training prowess with a free 14-day trial of Base3 on RunSmart.

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Unlock Base3 Bootcamp with a 14-day free trial.

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14-Days Free to Use, Cancel Anytime.