4 Things Every Runner Needs


As runners, we all have goals we want to achieve in the coming year.

Whether it’s running a personal best in a 5K, completing your first marathon, or simply staying healthy and injury-free, setting goals can be a great way to motivate and inspire us to keep pushing ourselves.

But as we all know, setting goals is just the first step.

The real challenge is figuring out how actually to hit those goals. Here are some tips to help you achieve your running goals in 2023:

  1. Start with a clear and specific goal. 

Many runners make the common mistake of setting vague or overly ambitious goals.

For example, saying that you want to “run more” or “get faster” is not specific enough. Instead, try setting a specific goal like “run a sub-20 minute 5K” or “complete a marathon in under 4 hours.”

You can also set the goal to integrate strength training twice per week.

Having a clear and specific goal will make it easier for you to develop a plan.

  1. Create a plan. 

Once you have a specific goal in mind, the next step is to find a plan that works for you.

I advise avoiding generic plans and not providing pacing or strength workouts. I also recommend using a 2:1 build and recover principle.

The 2:1 principle builds running volume for two weeks, then drops you into recovery. The principle has worked well for thousands of runners who have built their training plan on RunSmart.

  1. Stay consistent.

Consistency is key when it comes to achieving running goals & staying injury-free. Large fluctuations in training confuse the body on how to adapt.

Do your best to stick to your plan when you’re tired or lacking motivation. You can even follow my “some is better than none” motto and cut your workouts a little short if needed (try not to make a habit, but great when you’re in a pinch).

  1. Find some running buds.

It’s easier to get through challenging training periods when other runners surround you. Consider joining a running group or finding support through online forums and communities for advice and motivation.

RunSmart has a fantastic group of ~2K runners available to all our members.

Whether 2023 is the year you run a new distance, set a new PR, or finally stay injury-free, it’s crucial to have the right mindset and approach. Start by setting clear and specific goals, build a training plan to achieve them, stay consistent, and surround yourself with support.

And most importantly, be patient and trust the process. You can achieve your running goals in 2023 and beyond with hard work and dedication.

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