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RunSmart 10

  • CLASSES: 1
  • }DURATION: 30 Minutes
  • DIFFICULTY: Beginner
  • INTENSITY: 3/10
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Ready to embrace strong, fast, and pain-free running. Get on track with our top 10 Physical Therapist-designed exercises from RunSmart 10.  RunSmart 10 leverages runner-specific exercises that target and fix imbalances that not only slow you down, but also cause injury.

Being only 10 exercises, the program can be divided to fit busy schedules or sequenced together for a full strength routine.

You’ll feel like you’re targeting all the right areas with this program.  Supplement your existing strength routine with new moves, or use this program as your start line.  

Add RunSmart 10 to your training today with a free 14-day trial to RunSmart.

In RunSmart10, you will:


Discover our top 10 Physical Therapist-designed exercises that improve speed and prevent injury


Enjoy modifications, making it easy to fit your current level of strength and fitness


Progress your strength and stay motivated by learning tweaks and changes to keep you challenged.


Feel stronger and more balanced through your running and training

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