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Our top 10 pivotal exercises from our Physical Therapists. Crafted for runners, this routine ensures peak performance and injury resilience.

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  • CLASSES: 1
  • }DURATION: 30 Minutes
  • DIFFICULTY: Beginner
  • INTENSITY: 3/10

Experience the difference that our top 10 Physical Therapist-designed exercises can make. With RunSmart 10, tap into runner-tailored exercises meticulously curated to rectify imbalances that may hamper your speed or invite injuries.

Given its concise list of exercises, the program is versatile, accommodating bustling lives by allowing division across days or combined into a holistic strength regimen.

Whether you complement your existing strength routine or initiate your journey, RunSmart 10 ensures you hit those crucial zones every time.


Discover our top 10 Physical Therapist-designed exercises that improve speed and prevent injury


Enjoy modifications, making it easy to fit your current level of strength and fitness


Progress your strength and stay motivated by learning tweaks and changes to keep you challenged.


Feel stronger and more balanced through your running and training

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14-Days Free to Use, Cancel Anytime.