Unlock Peak Performance and Fewer Injuries.

Tap into the expertise of a Physical Therapist and optimize your running mechanics for more speed, efficiency, and fewer injuries.

Customer Satisfaction

I got a great breakdown of my strengths and weaknesses.

The time and the care put into this evaluation is something you rarely find anywhere- to have a real, credentialed professional who is an experienced expert in their field spend that kind of one-on-one time with you and give you a tool that you can keep… this is a value BEYOND what you are paying for, really. This is an opportunity you really don’t want to miss. Absolutely the best fitness money I ever spent.


The RunSmart Difference:


Experts in Running Mechanics

Unlock the full potential of your running form with guidance from a Physical Therapist.


Holistic Analysis

From posture to foot strike, we provide comprehensive feedback.


Actionable Insights

Go beyond generic advice with strategies specifically designed for you.


Follow Up

With an in-depth look into your stride, you’ll have questions. That’s why we provide every runner the ability to connect with the Physical Therapist who completed their analysis.

Inside the RunSmart Analysis


Video Gait Analysis

Insights from different perspectives, pinpointing biomechanical issues


Biomechanical Assessment

In-depth examination of your running mechanics.


Personalized Action Plan

Tailored advice to elevate your performance, plus 30 days free to the RunSmart app.


Interactive Follow-Up

Direct communication with the Physical Therapist for any clarifications.

Uncover Your Next Steps

Dive deep into tailored insights from a Physical Therapist. Discover precise exercises and drills designed to enhance your speed and safeguard against injuries, ensuring you’re always at your running peak.


Reveal underlying causes and reasons for current or future injuries.


Fix imbalances that are slowing you down or causing injury.


Save energy and boost speed with custom drills and exercises.


Keep your form throughout a run for more sustained performance and pace.

What Other Runners Say About a RunSmart Analysis

If you’re contemplating doing it all, DO IT!

I purchased the overhaul analysis last fall and decided to do it now as I’m coming off my annual bout of runner’s knee. Patrick offered me feedback so quickly, and it was so in-depth! I learned more about running and my form and came away with concrete tasks to improve my form. This is SUCH a good investment!


I highly recommend this!


I just had a side run analysis performed by Patrick and I was thoroughly impressed. This was no generic analysis. Totally custom, using the footage I sent and him discussing what I was doing right and what needs work. Not just what needs work, but explanations why and how to correct.

I highly recommend this.


Money well spent!

I’ve had my running form analyzed a few times. It’s helpful for an initial analysis and potential tune up. Pat gives great feedback and tips to help with whatever the need is. Money well spent!


It helped a lot!

I got one done and it pointed out some imbalances that I never would have known I had! It helped a lot. Apparently I had one elbow stuck way out and the other close to me. Patrick gave me some tips to correct it.


How does it work?

Recording and submitting your videos is simple.  It takes less than 10 minutes and can be completed from your smartphone!



Capture your running outside on a treadmill using a phone – we’ll guide you through it.



Share your videos and provide insights into your running goals.



Receive in-depth feedback and a custom coaching plan with drills and exercises all within a week.

Choose your Coaching Level

Tune up


Overhaul Analysis

Get a full 360-degree view of your running to identify imbalances and form flaws slowing you down and increasing your risk for injury. Best for speed and injury prevention.


Side View Analysis
Back, Front, & Foot View Analysis

Download Analysis Review
Custom Drills & Exercises
Weekly Email Follow Ups – 2 Months


Tune-up Analysis

Get a glimpse into your running form and how you can improve it to generate more speed. Great for improving foot strike and knee drive. Not great for identifying muscle imbalance & injury prevention.


Side View Analysis
Download Analysis Review
Custom Drills & Exercises
Weekly Email Follow Ups – 1 Month

Back, Front, & Foot View Analysis
Four Monthly Run Analysis + Chats
Download All Four Coaching Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my running videos for analysis?

After booking your Running Analysis appointment, you will receive detailed instructions on recording and submitting your running videos. You can easily record the videos using your smartphone and submit them through our secure online platform.

Every runner can also provide a running and injury history before submitting their videos.

Can I record my running videos on a treadmill or do I have to run outside?

You can record your running videos on a treadmill or outside, whichever you prefer. Both options allow our Physical Therapists to assess your running form effectively. Just be sure to follow the recording instructions provided after booking your appointment to ensure the best results.

What do I receive after submitting my running videos for analysis?

Once our Physical Therapists have analyzed your running videos, you will receive a personalized video feedback report. This report will include a frame-by-frame breakdown of your running form, with our Physical Therapists pointing out specific areas that need improvement or adjustment. They will also show other runners as examples and draw on the screen to highlight key points and provide visual guidance.

How long does it take to receive my personalized recommendations after submitting my videos?

After you submit your running videos, our RunSmart Physical Therapists will thoroughly analyze your running form and provide personalized recommendations within 5-7 business days. We aim to deliver high-quality and comprehensive assessments, so we take the necessary time to ensure a thorough analysis.

Will I have direct communication with a Physical Therapist during the analysis process?

Yes! Our Physical Therapists will be in direct communication with you throughout the entire Running Analysis process. You will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and receive personalized guidance from our expert team.

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