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I have more energy post-run!

This program was very informative and presented in easily digestible segments.

I have more energy post-run because I’m better-fueled and hydrated. I look forward to implementing these strategies in my races!

– Julie Hasenwinkel

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Fueling Basics:

Total Time: 50+min
17+ Training Videos

I. Macronutrients
Understanding Macros 2:06
The Power of Protein 1:52
Carbs: A Runner’s Best Friend 3:14
Fats in Focus 2:46
II. Calculating Energy Needs

Tailored Energy Needs

Step-by-Step Macro Calculation 1:41
Practical Calculation Example 3:00
III. Meeting Energy Needs

Hunger Scale

How to Meet Energy Needs 6:26
Performance Plates 3:43
Timing of Meals and Snacks 5:00
Timing Meals and Snacks Example 2:42
IV. Special Topics

Plant-based Considerations

GI Considerations 11:50
Fueling Through Menopause 7:48
Lactose Considerations 8:02
Gluten Sensitivity Considerations 8:03


Total Time: 53min
10+ Training Videos

V. Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins and Minerals 1:55
B Vitamins 2:34
Bone Health 3:27
Antioxidants 1:39
Zinc 0:45
Iron 3:05
VI. Hydration


Dehydration 2:43
Hyperhydration 2:07
Sweat Loss 1:39
Sweat Loss Example 2:41
Timing Fluids 2:33
VII. Performance Determinants


Electrolytes Examples 1:59
Supplements 2:18
Protein Powder 1:46
Turmeric 1:24
Tart Cherry 1:17
Vitamin D 1:28
Omega-3 1:09
Collagen 1:56
Creatine 1:40
Caffeine 3:20
Alcohol 3:11

Training & Racing

Total Time: 26min
10+ Training Videos

VIII. Nutrition for Injuries
Nutrition for Injuries 3:22
Additional Needs for Injury Support 2:14
Energy Needs when Injured 3:36
Injured Athlete Example 2:33
IX. Fueling Runs and Exercise

Fueling Runs and Exercise

Pre-run Snack Ideas 1:53
During Run Nutrition 2:50
During Run Fuel Options 2:16
Post-run Nutrition 2:11
Example of Fuel Timing 1:35

Race Day

Total Time: 35min
8+ Training Videos

X. Carb Loading

Carb Loading

Carb Loading Tips 2:25
Carb Foods Examples 1:33
Carb Load Example 3:57
XI. Race Day Nutrition
Traveling to a Race 4:35
Race Day Fueling 6:08
Nutrition During a Race 6:08
Race Day Fueling Example 2:50
Bonking 2:47
Adjusting Nutrition After Training 1:56

Fuel works for nearly every runner.

Fuel adapts to your nutritional preferences and lifestyle.  Enjoy the foods you love with a science-backed approach to fueling.

Gluten-Free Options

Plant-Based Diets

Lactose-Intolerance Solutions

Managing GI Issues

Nutrition During Menopause

From the Front of the Pack to the Back

Runners of all levels can learn the secrets to fueling their runs for more speed, faster recovery, and injury prevention.

Sustained Energy

Faster Recovery

Don’t Hit the Wall

Prevent Injury

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After the trial, continue training for $15/month or $119/year. Cancel anytime during the trial to avoid charges.

You’re in Good Company

Join thousands of runners who trust their running to RunSmart.

Excellent program that speaks to all levels of experience. I thought I knew everything there is to know after 10 years of running and I was wrong. Everyone can pick up tips to help them with their performance and recovery.

Michelle Stafford

I loved this program! I’m still finishing up a few of the videos but I’ve found so much value in the information. What I loved most was that this was specifically for runners. So many times I said “that’s me!”

Ellen Van Royen

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. There was a LOT of information, but all was presented in a concise and organized way. Still chasing a BQ and am not going to give up until I earn it! Thank you for all that you taught me😊

Sara Sall

The Brains Behind Fuel

Shannon Wilson, MS, RDN, CDN, CDCES, CSSD.
Registered Dietitian & Sports Specialist

As a registered dietitian passionate about sports nutrition and helping individuals transform their lives through dietary choices, Shannon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Based in Buffalo, New York, Shannon specializes in diabetic and sports nutrition, leveraging nutritional counseling to foster healthier lifestyle choices and enhance overall well-being.

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After the trial, continue training for $15/month or $119/year. Cancel anytime during the trial to avoid charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuel Live?

Fuel live is a four-week training event geared towards running nutrition and hydration.  The program provides OnDemand learning, supplemented by human support. 

When does Fuel Live begin?

Fuel live starts on Sunday April 21, 2024.  The program will last four weeks and include a private community for accountability and support.

When are the live Q&A sessions?

Each Q&A session is held with Registered Dietitian Shannon Wilson and Physical Therapist Steve Gonser.

Every participant can ask questions before and during the event.  Events are held on Tuesday evening at 8 PM EST.

Can’t make it? 
All Q&A events are recorded so that the replays can be viewed at your convenience.

What is RunSmart?

RunSmart is an app that helps runners of all levels train smarter.  Our app, designed by Physical Therapists, provides personalized running plans, strength workouts, yoga, and more.  Our focus is connecting runners with tools and programs backed by clinicians and science.  We also happen to be runners, too!

How much time do I need to dedicate weekly?

The average time commitment is one hour per week for four weeks.  From there, you will have the knowledge to fuel your running for life!

Can I follow this program if I have dietary restrictions?

Yes, we’ve included special sections to accommodate a variety of dietary needs including gluten-free, plant-based, lactose-intolerant, and more.

What else is included with my RunSmart subscription?

All active subscriptions and free trial members have access to not only RunSmart Fuel, but a host of other Physical Therapist-designed programs, including: personalized running plans, strength workouts, yoga, and more.

How much does the program cost?

RunSmart Fuel is included in both free trial and active subscriptions to RunSmart.  You can sign up via the web, the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.  No payment is required for a free trial.  You may cancel any time to avoid charges, or continue using RunSmart for $15/month or $119/year.