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Helping Runners PR — It’s What We Do

What would happen to your running if you could train with less interruption due to injury? Would you chase down that elusive PR or friend you’ve been chasing? Would life be better if you could avoid an injury that derails your training?

Here’s How You Do It

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Run Healthy

Getting injured sucks. Strength training is the #1 way to avoid getting injured and it doesn’t have to replace your running, either.


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Run Smarter

Improving your running form ensures that you’ll thrive while others fade. Small tweaks will lead you to chasing down the competition and your next PR.


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Train Smarter

Imagine toeing the start line feeling fresh — not flat. The best training plans plot your runs from start to finish, leaving you smiling at the finish.

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Reach Your Running Goals, No Matter the Level

We’re here to help you become a better runner. We can help you organize your running training no matter whether you’re an advanced expert conquering the legendary marathon or a beginner just starting out with your first 5K.

The best run training programs go beyond simple apps or tips; training to run faster with us means access to hours of workout videos, a race preparation plan, and expert advice from real PTs who specialize in runners’ needs. Sign up for our program to gain access from anywhere. You don’t even need to download a running training app. Just buy a membership and get all of the videos and information you need to train to run faster instantly.

How You’ll Run Faster with Less-Injury


30-Minute Strength Workouts are Easy to Incorporate
OnDemand Workouts Means Less Time Commuting, More Time for the Important Stuff
Run Form Training to Ease Aching Joints and Slowing When Tired

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Training Plans that Avoid Under and Over Training
Ongoing Support During Live Q&A Events to Answer Your Questions
Online Community of Rockstars to Keep You Motivated


Make the Podium a Second Home

We Help Runners Avoid Injury and Run Faster

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