General Questions

There’s no question that a solid training plan, good strength, and excellent run form are the major pillars for running fast and without injury. All of our content is geared for one purpose—to help you become a better runner. Mix our strength workouts into your training plan 1-2x/week and tweak your run form with our online run form training. It won’t take you long to see how this is going to help.
Although many runners find us when they are injured, we always recommend seeking a medical professional before beginning this or any other program. If you cannot currently perform daily tasks (stairs, walking, etc) without pain, it’s recommended that you wait on starting this program.
Think of us as "Netflix for Runners." RunSmart Online offers online, OnDemand training videos to help you become a faster, less injured runner. Imagine a world where you could train more consistently and free from frequent injury, aches, and pains. We offer OnDemand strength workouts (over 18 hours worth), customized training plans, and run form courses so that you can run more efficiently.
All of our membership packages allow for access to the same content. We offer monthly membership ($15/mo), biannual ($90/six mo), and annual ($119/year). Our six-month and annual memberships carry a 30-day money back guarantee, while our monthly membership offers a $1, 2-week trial.
What are DVD’s? Just kidding… kind of. We do not offer the purchase of DVD’s for any of our programs. Our focus is providing the best online streaming service for runners. Membership includes streaming of every workout. However, if you wish to download our workouts, check out our online store.
You certainly can find information on YouTube, but are you sure it’s credible? Fact is, most online content is regurgitated from one source to another. RunSmart Online is your one-stop-shop for credible running information and exercise. Our staff consists of physical therapists who are experts on running (and runners themselves). We live, breathe, and train running. You won’t find anything like us online.
There is no bait-and-switch or trickery going on here. You can cancel your account at anytime. Our annual and six-month membership includes a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy we will refund you 100% of your money back.