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“So utterly frustrating as it seems that my body is a total stranger!”

This exact quote was sent to me by a new mom who was frustrated after experiencing continuous set backs on her quest to return to running as she put it, “to get her former body back.”

Whether it’s the first child or eighth (yeah eighth), it’s not uncommon for me to help moms who are having a tough time returning to running after having a baby. The research is pretty clear. Having a baby significantly alters your anatomy. I’m sure that’s no shock to you as a mom. In fact, one study found measurable abdominal weakness and thinning up to 12 months postpartum.

From splitting of the abdominal wall (diastisis recti) to considerable pelvic instability, running after having a child (and staying injury-free) is extremely difficult.

Swollen knees, sore backs, and “feeling like a sloppy mess” (as one patient put it), is all too common. Did you know: it’s common practice in other countries to receive “postpartum rehab” after having a child? Unfortunately, the United States hasn’t caught up. This is specifically why I designed my Cradle2 5K Program.

Moms need a better and safer way to return to running after having a baby. Below, I describe the challenges and even one mother’s struggle to return to running after having her second child. Take a look below and see if you find yourself in a similar situation.

-Steve Gonser PT DPT

Physical Therapist

Why Am I Having So Much Trouble?


The Challenge

Running in itself is difficult on the body. The challenge for the postpartum runner comes when their anatomy has been significantly altered over nine months of gestation and upwards of 12 months afterwards.[/ezcol_1third]


Laxity in key pelvic ligaments due to hormones paired with over stretching of the abdominal wall completely destabilize the running movement. Without fixing key postpartum issues, injury is imminent.[/ezcol_1third]

“Start Slowly”

Oh, the kiss of death. Have you heard this from your OB or MD? Do they know who their dealing with? Runners don’t do “slow” and without the a solid postpartum plan, you, like many other moms, are toast.


The Magic Formula

The magic formula comes down to two simple principles. I have refined my system over countless patients, including my wife. All of which were postpartum moms who were struggling, not only to get back to running, but to simply feel “normal” again. Whether you use my program to return to running or another, you should focus your priorities on two main components:


Building Strength

“What did my baby do to me?” Are you wondering this too? My patients and my wife both had the same question. Quite frankly, your baby waged war on crucial pieces of anatomy that ae required in order for you to run without injury.

Without restoring these lost pieces (mostly strength), a long line of injuries are almost certain.

Proper Progression

You’ve waited months to start running, right? So when you finally received “all clear” from the doc you likely did what 95% of moms do… you head to the road.

Without a proper run progression you are doomed for failure. You must return to the road gradually, ensuring you don’t over tax your joints (no matter how excited you are).


Introducing the Cradle2 5K Program:

Leveraging the two principles above, my Cradle2 5K program maps out your path to restoring lost strength, while slowly and safely transitioning back to running.


Cradle2 5K Includes:

  • 33-Page Running Guide, Including Training Plans for a Safe Return
  • 10-Week 5K Training Plans to Avoid Injury
  • Strength Videos to Restore Strength Lost During Pregnancy
  • Instructional Videos on Postpartum Running
  • Download All Content and Videos to Keep Forever

$299 | Now $199

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This program carries a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the program, workouts, or training plan, simply request a full refund.


“I felt very much like Humpty Dumpty”

running, after, having, baby

Jennifer Brady
Mother of Two,

[ezcol_3quarter_end style=”padding: 0 5px;”]When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I wanted to make sure to stay in shape. I thought I could run, and I did when severe round ligament pain wasn’t being severe. On the other days, I made sure to go for a walk (my dog got walked so much in the 6 months!). My seemingly fit pregnancy body stumped people in public. I was wearing regular shorts with long tank tops that made people take double-takes. This baby just stuck OUT! I went to boot camp, pushing tires around a parking lot, two weeks before my due date. I felt like I was WINNING… that 6 weeks after her birth, I would be back to running and shortly thereafter, find myself in amazing shape again.

Then the baby was born. Perhaps more stubborn than my first, the recovery from her seemed to take SO long. But, at 6 weeks out, I was told I could slowly resume running. I headed out for walk-jogs with her in her stroller. I was going to get it all back, and have it all as well. I graduated to runs of 20-30 minutes on my own. However, I felt very much like Humpty Dumpty, having “fallen off the wall”. Nothing felt together. Gradually, my weak hips and core, transferred the work to my knees, and the “pregnant knee” formed. My right knee seemed to double in size, and every step was painful. I knew I couldn’t carry on like this, and I went to visit Steve at Buffalo Rehab Group. Sure enough, I was on the verge of having some pretty serious bone issues.

Through Steve’s training I was able to build my core enough strength to transfer the work to where it belonged and allow my knee to function as a knee and nothing more. This all happened in October, and by November, I was able to toe the line at the Thanksgiving Day race at my sister’s house and finish, pain-free.

The road back wasn’t easy. I am no Instagram or blogger hero who qualified for Olympic Trials shortly after giving birth, but I was able to set a marathon PR of 3:16 at the Wineglass Marathon in 2014, just one year after barely being able to walk. I’ve been able to incorporate Steve’s post-baby workouts into my core routine, which has made a tremendous difference in remaining injury-free, and also in my form. When I’m doing the core workouts, I feel incredibly more efficient. After focusing on Boston 2016, I’m moving my goals toward a solid 5k (and other, shorter, distances), and I’m confident that the core work I’m incorporating will translate to big things for me, proving I CAN do this with two daughters, and that example for my daughters has had an incredible impact on their own goals as tiny athletes.”[/ezcol_3quarter_end]

You Can Return to Running Safely, Too!

$299 | Now $199

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Ok, Moms. Are You Ready to Return to Running?


  • Rebuild key muscle groups that have been attacked during pregnancy
  • Execute a return-to-run program specifically designed for postpartum moms to run their next 5K
  • Access step-by-step strength exercises to rebuild your body after having a baby
  • Entire program is downloaded, giving you instant access and a clear path back to running
  • Clinically driven content from a physical therapist who has helped countless postpartum moms return to running safely


Who is this for?

Well, obviously mothers. More specifically, mom’s who are worried or have been unsuccessful returning to running after having a child. Whether it’s your first child or more, the training is geared specifically for moms who are less than one year postpartum. The training plans are split between those who are less than seven months and more than seven months postpartum.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Cradle2 5Kprogram is 100% geared towards helping moms get back to running safely. If you purchase this product and you’re not satisfied simply request a refund within 30-days.

$299 | Now $199

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