Runners, Why Sit-Ups Won’t Cut It


“What do you do for core strength?”

This is what I asked when my patient told me she “did core exercises.”

She was in the office for a sore knee that’s been on and off for a few months.

Before she could answer, I already knew the answer. As a Physical Therapist primarily focused on helping runners, there’s a standard answer when I ask, “what do you do for core strength?”

Most runners fail to even work on their strength — so the fact that this runner was “working on their core” was a good start.

For most runners, “core” is often associated with the belly area. While that’s true, it’s not the only area.

By focusing on sit-ups, crunches, and the like, runners miss out on key areas. Crunches and sit-ups alone rarely foster a long and healthy running career.

I talk about it more in this video, including what runners SHOULD be focusing on — particularly those who are injury-prone.

Click play and have a listen:

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