What Running Shoes are Best for Me?


Have you ever wondered, “what pair of running shoes is best for me?”

If only the answer were as easy as it seems. Shoes are changing each year — and maybe even your foot.

Here’s one thing I can promise:
Not all runners need an insert or orthotic — even if they have a low arch.

Your running shoes are only a piece of the bigger picture.

I talk about it more here:

Here are a few things that determine what running shoe is best for you:

  1. Your arch structure (low, neutral, high)
  2. The degree of that structure (normal range, out of normal range)
  3. Your flexibility and strength

All three are moving targets as you age. For example, a low or neutral arch can change with years of poor strength & flexibility.

Also, your strength can fluctuate throughout the year — completely dependent on your training.

The significant part is that no shoe or insert can compensate for poor strength and flexibility.

It’s always the best place to start, allowing the body to maintain its natural motion.

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