Fix Running Injuries for Good


“My (knee, ankle, hip) feels stiff, sore, or injured. What should I do?”

This is the most common question I get as a Physical Therapist.

I find that runners typically misunderstand the reason for their discomfort. For example, if their knee is hurting, they assume the problem is the knee.

Here’s the thing:
If your knee is sore, it’s likely NOT a knee problem.

The knees (and other body parts) often get sore when they compensate for other areas.  For example, if your hip is weak and your knee compensates, the knee will likely become sore over time.

In this example, it’s easy to see why addressing issues at the hip is the key to fixing knee pain.

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What Causes Compensations

When you run, you move in a repetitive forward motion. Running isn’t like soccer or tennis, where you’re cutting and changing direction – you’re just linear.

That repetitive forward motion causes similar compensations in most runners.

What does this mean?

That most injuries can be fixed and prevented by targeting the imbalance – weak core & glute muscles.

Here’s What to Do

If you want strong glute and core muscles, you need runner-specific exercises. This means exercises that look and feel like running.

Note: clamshells, leg lifts, and hamstring curls will not work.

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