The “Big Rocks” of Run Form


If you have ever tried to work on your running form but only end up confused, tired, and frustrated, you’re not alone.

Why does this happen?
Because you’ve become efficient at being inefficient.

This means that even if you’re run form is terrible, it can feel “normal” over time.

Consider the millions of strides by runners.  Each stride further “engrains” the bad habit to make smoother and more natural.

So how can you make lasting change in your running that results in things like this?

Do what we did with Andy and start by identifying what I call “big rocks.” 

Big rocks are the things that, if you improve, can have the largest effect on your running.

Too often, runners dabble from one run form change to the next.  The lack of focus and inconsistency usually just ends up with the “am I doing this right?” and feeling more tired.

Most big rocks revolve around:

  1. Foot strike and overstriding
  2. Weakness and Imbalance
  3. Lacking a good drive from the hips
  4. Closed and laboring stride
  5. Stiffness in key areas that prevent smoother running

There are other form flaws, but these are typically the top 5.

I suggest you identify your big rock and be consistent with the changes.

As you “re-wire” your bad habits, you’ll not only be running smoother and more fluid, but your pace can improve, too.

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