Improving Your Running Stride: The Fall Formula for Success


Have you ever stood by the side of a road, watching in awe as a runner effortlessly glides past, showcasing a near-perfect stride? I

Such a flawless form can make us ponder on our running techniques. The good news is that optimizing your run form is achievable regardless of how fast or slow you may be. And the benefits? They’re both immediate and long-lasting.

As the golden leaves of fall cascade to the ground, there’s never been a better time to refine your stride. Let’s take you through a four-step journey this season, ensuring you unlock unprecedented speed while significantly reducing injury risks.

1. Understand Where You Stand: The Baseline

Before diving into the world of improvements, it’s essential to identify areas of potential enhancement. Take your smartphone, head outdoors, or hop on a treadmill and record yourself in action. When playing back, utilize the slow-motion feature. Overstriding, the occasional hip drop, or lack of symmetry are vital indicators to watch out for. By the end of this exercise, you’ll have a clear picture of which parts of your stride require attention.

2. One at a Time: The Power of Focused Improvements

Like anyone else, runners can sometimes bite off more than they can chew. Taking on too many changes can be counterproductive when you want to refine your form. Here’s a tip: hone in on one specific area of improvement and give it a couple of weeks. Master it, feel comfortable, and only then move on to the next challenge.

3. Building a Strong Foundation: The Role of Strength and Flexibility

More often than not, running from hiccups directly results from underlying imbalances. It would be best to address these foundational weaknesses to make meaningful and sustainable improvements to your stride. Incorporate exercises that target these imbalances. By strengthening and fortifying these areas, your overall form will naturally improve and stay that way.

4. The Art of Persistence: Embrace Your Journey

Changing habits, mainly those deeply ingrained over the years, is no small feat. Some might witness a transformation in just a few weeks, while others might take longer. However, the trick lies in consistent effort and patience. Remember, you’re in it for the long haul; it’s a marathon of incremental changes, not a sprint to perfection.

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