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Designed by Physical Therapist Steve Gonser to Help Runners Get Back to Running Faster
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Why RunSmart?


Runner-specific programs designed by Physical Therapist, Steve Gonser PT DPT  that are the key to preventing injuries & getting faster.


Whether you need stronger glutes, better balance, or looser hamstrings, RunSmart exercises look and feel like running.


The days of clamshells, leg lifts, and other dated exercises are over  — RunSmart training uses a new and more functional approach to helping runners


Gain instant and 24/7 access to all strength workouts through the NEW RunSmart App or on your PC. 


Try any of the following programs from Physical Therapist Steve Gonser PT DPT for as little as $1.


A complete strength guide to help every level of runner get stronger, fix imbalances, and improve their running.


Instant & 24/7 access to your strength workouts through the RunSmart App.


All workouts designed and used by Physical Therapist and 6X Boston Qualifier, Steve Gonser PT DPT.


Zero equipment needed for most programs — which means you can fit them in from home, work, or on the road.


Targeted workouts and exercises developed to help runners fix imbalances that cause most injuries and slower running.


Programs are self-paced with zero pressure to keep up.


Exercises target multiple muscle groups at once and make them more effective and time-efficient than traditional programs.

Train Smarter & Run Faster

The RunSmart App is like having a coach, gym, and Physical Therapist in your pocket!


Get instant access to every training plan & strength workout you need to improve your running.
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Here’s What Runners are Saying About Training
with the RunSmart App

Julie Dunbar

Thank you RSO for giving me the skills to come out of injury and do Chicago and NYC with zero issues. Today was an amazing day on my hometown streets of NYC. I pulled off a 3:50:56 which included 18+ stops for hugs, high fives and selfies! So great to come from a PR in Chicago to no pressure and really enjoy every bit of the NYC experience.

Sara Baker

Got my BQ and PR’d by over 4 minutes! 3:23:41 in the Jack and Jill marathon out in North bend, Washington! Thank you Steve Gonser and RSO training for keeping me strong and helping me reach my goals!

Stacia Natasha Nicole Roundtree

I’m a marathoner 🎉🙌🏾. I didn’t set a goal time as this was my first marathon. It was really tough but I made it. I KNOW that doing the Base Six workouts made a difference.


13 minute marathon PR! I had to fight to hang on for my first sub-4 finish. Loved using Base six in my training and looking forward to more...after I recover.

Jennifer Gastelum

Thank you RSO for making me strong to run a race in adverse conditions. This year’s WDW Marathon Weekend has a lot of challenges for the runners. Because of the strength and conditioning done with you, I was able to race safely and conservatively. I’m drinking (electrolytes) and planning on an active recovery afternoon while getting ready for the next race!

April Grayson‎

I took over 10 minutes off my previous half at the Cambridge Half. Started RSO in October. Thank you RunSmartOnline. I felt strong, in control and focused. Had confidence knowing that all the Base-6 and yoga plus all the knowledge about mid foot strike, forward lean, and torque would get me through. I was AMAZED at how effective the knee drive is! Your strategies have worked wonders for me. Felt delighted with my result and came 16th in the 50-54 age category. THANK YOU. My membership to your website, plus all the support, sharing and resources on this FB page is worth it's weight in gold.
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