Strength Workouts
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Build your glute & core strength to run without injury.

Run consistently & Injury-Free with the RunSmart App.

Welcome to RunSmart.

Time and again, my patients tell me “I love running, but…” injury inevitably disrupts their routine and takes a toll. As an avid runner myself, I’ve drawn from my experience as a physical therapist to design a series of runner-specific exercises that focus on core strength and balance, while enhancing run form. 

The goal? To keep runners injury-free and loving the roads! That’s what RunSmart is about. 

When you join the RunSmart App, you get physical therapist-designed training programs for runners to avoid injury altogether. Also, built-in protocols will guide you to safely bounce back from any setbacks that do occur.


Strength Training

As a RunSmartOnline member, you can immediately take advantage of each and every one of our exclusive programs which are designed to help you build strength, stability, flexibility, and keep you injury free.


Build upper body, lower body, core strength, and endurance all at once using kettlebells or free weights. The program focuses on preventing the most common injuries to keep you running in your prime!

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BaseSix Bootcamp was built by Physical Therapist Steve Gonser to target and fix imbalances that cause running injuries. The program concentrates on building stronger glutes and core muscles to keep you running your best.

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RunSmart Yoga is a runner-specific yoga program that’s perfect for improving flexibility and building core strength. The program focuses on fixing key imbalances that commonly cause injury so you can feel your best and run injury free!

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How it Works

All workouts are 30 minutes or less, making them easy to squeeze into busy schedules.

Programs are video-format and simple to follow from home or work on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV!


About the RunSmart App

Try RunSmart.


Access strength workouts, run form coaching and more – all in one place! Get everything you need to improve your running and beat injury with the RunSmart App!

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