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Here’s What Runners are Saying About Training
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Ruth S Lee

Thank you Steve Gonser & RunSmart Online. 20 second PR & BQ @ CIM. Injury free & focused on knee drive.

Carrie Sauber Waters

6 min PR and BQ qualifying time at CIM (from my marathon in April.). Thank you Steve Gonser and RunSmartOnline. Oh yea just turned 50!!

Julie Barton

Bye bye Vegas! I'm leaving you with a PR!

Brenda Ingstad

Just wanted to share my accomplishments with you all!! I have been training for a marathon since June. My training plan called for a 2:50 min run or a 4 hour hike(time on your feet) I decided to sign up for Surf the Murph Trail run, the 25k. I have NOT trained for trails, a few runs on a golf course in my back yard to get used to my trail shoes. SERIOUS KUDOS to the strength plans in RunSmart !!!

Tamara Walker

So today I did a half marathon. My first in 5 years. Very thankful for this program and to Steve Gonser for providing it.The first half I was even on track for a PB! Next step kneed for speed and my very first marathon!!!

Jackie Koenig

My marathon pace was 29 seconds per mile faster than my last race. I’ll be 52 in two weeks. RSO even helps us “older” folks!

Jef Greer

Had my ‘B’ race today for my (first) Half Marathon training... a 15K... my first time racing this long of a distance, and since it was all big long hills, I decided to not shoot for my 7’27” race pace, and go for 7’45”, as to not push too hard. Well I hit 7’34”, even with the hills and finished 1:10:27!! Super stoked that I was able to manage my climbing effort and then speed down the hills to finish faster than I expected!! My first Half Marathon is in 4 weeks, and it’s flat, so I feel good about hitting that planned race pace!! And my body feels great, thanks to Steve & Patrickand Run Smart Online!

Sarah Brett-Sheridan

Today I ran my first marathon, a virtual Brighton Marathon. It was tough, my legs from the start just didn’t get going, felt like they had little life in them today. Knee drive really helped me out but the wind made it just about surviving.I did it in 4:18:26, I’d trained for a sub 4 and I really believe I could have done it had the weather been more on my side. I’d never have done as well I did do had it not been for the fantastic RSO training program. Can’t thank you enough Steve Gonser and Patrick O'Connor for getting me this far.


Ran my B race, Hershey Half Marathon, today at the Sweetest Place on Earth. PR by 6.5 minutes!

Julie Dunbar

Thank you RSO for giving me the skills to come out of injury and do Chicago and NYC with zero issues. Today was an amazing day on my hometown streets of NYC. I pulled off a 3:50:56 which included 18+ stops for hugs, high fives and selfies! So great to come from a PR in Chicago to no pressure and really enjoy every bit of the NYC experience.

Robin Sauter

4:02:25 Chicago Marathon, BQ and 8 min PR!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, RunSmartOnline ❤️

Brian Borawski

New half PR at the Buffalo Marathon this morning. Thanks, RSO!

Rebecca B W

Thank you Steve! I PR'D by 7 minutes! 2:19:40!!!

April Grayson‎

I took over 10 minutes off my previous half at the Cambridge Half. Started RSO in October. Thank you RunSmartOnline. I felt strong, in control and focused. Had confidence knowing that all the Base-6 and yoga plus all the knowledge about mid foot strike, forward lean, and torque would get me through. I was AMAZED at how effective the knee drive is! Your strategies have worked wonders for me. Felt delighted with my result and came 16th in the 50-54 age category. THANK YOU. My membership to your website, plus all the support, sharing and resources on this FB page is worth it's weight in gold.

Sara Baker

Got my BQ and PR’d by over 4 minutes! 3:23:41 in the Jack and Jill marathon out in North bend, Washington! Thank you Steve Gonser and RSO training for keeping me strong and helping me reach my goals!

MaryBeth King

Thank you Steve Gonser for creating the Runsmart program, I still need to fix some form issues but I had a PR thanks to you and no injuries 🙂 1hr 47 from 1 hr 56 at my first half last year!
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