How to Use Strength to Improve Your Run Form


When we talk about run form, conversations often revolve around cadence, posture or breath control.

While these factors are super important, a lot of the time, there’s a more straightforward reason to blame for poor performance.

Strength should be an integral part of every runner’s training schedule, no matter who you are or how advanced your running career has become. Let’s take a look at why strength is so essential, the problems weaknesses can cause and how to identify them.

Why Is Strength So Important for Run Form?

Just like any sport, full-body strength is a vital part of being a successful runner. While your day-to-day training on the track builds strength in many key areas, it isn’t enough to sustain perfect form throughout. Our bodies naturally fall into bad habits when we adjust to what feels comfortable, usually due to specific weaknesses or imbalances.

Increasing glute and core strength can work wonders, allowing you to run faster for longer without the risk of injury.

Problems Caused By Lack of Strength

In our run analysis program, we come across a range of problems faced by runners that happen as a result of weaknesses throughout the body. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Risk of Injury Increases

Whether you’ve got weak glutes or a lacking core, you’re much more susceptible to injury than someone practising strength training on the regular. Every aspect of the body is connected, so when one area is lacking in strength, your whole anatomy is affected.

Without strength in critical areas, you’re likely to experience:

  • Twisted knees
  • Sprained ankles
  • Torn ligaments
  • Hip or back pain

Longevity Decreases

Another negative side effect of general weakness is the inability to run for long periods. When you’ve got an imbalance that’s waiting to be solved, your body starts to overcompensate.

For example, if your right side core is weaker than your left, your spine will begin to curve and your knees might knock together. This means your runs will become shorter and your recovery times will grow longer.


How to Identify Your Weaknesses to Improve Your Form

Identifying your weaknesses is a lot easier than you might think. An expert program like our RunSmart run analysis will help spot fundamental imbalances, as well as telling you exactly how to solve them.

Here is an example of what we look out for:

When it comes to identifying your strengths and weaknesses, one of the key indicators is the body’s symmetry. While running, your hips should form a straight line with minimal variation throughout, displaying good posture and core power.

If your pelvis drops dramatically to one side, this is usually a good sign that there’s a weakness to resolve. By comparing the symmetry on both sides, we can spot where your imbalance stems from and how to fix it.

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