Run Form for Beginners: Getting Started


Is your run form slowing you down or stopping you from running pain-free?

What most runners don’t know:
Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other — form matters.

On average, most runners take 160 steps PER MINUTE. Now multiply that by years of training, and you can see why even a small inefficiency can affect performance and cause injury.

When it comes to running form, most runners wonder ‘where to start?’

Since 2009, I’ve analyzed A LOT of runners… and here are two high-level points I’d like you to know:

Form is more than your stride

Many are focused on foot placement, arm position, lean, etc. All great items to consider, but there’s a better place to start.

Begin by identifying & fixing areas of weakness or tightness that alter run form. A weak glute or ankle cannot be fixed by changing your stride, requiring a specific plan to address the issue.

By targeting imbalances, you lay the foundation for all other changes.

One thing at a time

There are many moving pieces (literally and figuratively) when running. Too often, runners try to fix multiple pieces at once. The result? A mish-mosh of changes that aren’t sustainable (it can even make your stride worse).

Instead, prioritize a list of items and focus on “big fixes.” Big fixes provide the most benefit when changed and may fix other things further down the list.

Here’s what most runners don’t realize… changing your run form doesn’t have to be complicated, and you just need to know where to focus your efforts.

If you feel like your stride could use some work — or you need help identifying the cause of aches and pains, getting analyzed is a must.

A RunSmart Analysis includes

  • Physical Therapist analysis so you can make the correct changes
  • A plan & recommendations customized to your stride
  • Frame-by-Frame & Slo-Mo assessment with voice-over to visualize problem areas
  • Side-by-Side comparisons with other runners to understand your stride

Plus, each analysis is quickly recorded & uploaded from your phone (inside or outside is fine!). It can be completed in just 10 minutes!

Want to improve your run form?

Reserve your RunSmart analysis and have a Physical Therapist analyze your running from head-to-toe.

Recording and uploading are simple from your phone. Our team will give you a complete frame-by-frame analysis and how you can enhance your stride for more speed & fewer injuries.

Perfect Your Stride with Expert Insight

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