How to Run from Your Glutes


Do you feel like your legs tighten up on long or hard runs?

If you struggle with cramps, heavy legs, or hitting the wall, don’t worry. You might be only a few steps away (get it? 😏) from a solution.

Here’s the thing:
Most runners are biased to running from their quads and calves.

It’s okay for a short distance, but you will get into trouble on long or hard runs.

As fatigue sets in, the muscles begin to tire… and fail.

With each passing mile, your legs become heavier and more exhausted. Sure, you might be able to muscle through for a bit — but ultimately you hit the wall and see your goals slip away.

So what can you do to run faster – even when you’re tired?

Watch the video to find out!



Run from Your Glutes

Isn’t a run more motivating when you GET FASTER with each passing mile?

Imagine your next race for a minute.

As the miles get tough, you can tap into stronger running. Each runner you pass adds a bit of strength to your stride. While others are fighting to keep their pace, your stride is still smooth. (So much so, that when a spectator yells, “you’re looking good,” you do lol)

It’s not a running fairy tale.

It’s possible when you learn to run from your glutes and core.

That’s what I’ll be teaching runners in Kneed for Speed – starting July 31.

Run Faster Without Training Harder

Kneed for Speed is 4-week annual bootcamp that teaches runners how to run faster without having to train harder or run more.

The best part? Kneed for Speed works into existing training plans, and the techniques are easy to learn.

In Kneed for Speed, runners learn how to:

  • Run from their glutes & core
  • Break away from shuffling & scuffing that kills speed
  • Improve flexibility that frees up the legs to run faster
  • Boost strength in key muscle groups to fuel faster running

How Do We Do It?

By providing runners with all the drills, training & exercises in one easy-to-follow program.

Included with Kneed for Speed:

  • Step-by-step video training for 4 weeks to improve your run form
  • Stretches & exercises to fix bad habits that stop you from running fast
  • Weekly guided audio runs that teach technique while running
  • Weekly live coaching and Q&As to answer all your questions
  • Speed & pace control sessions to dial in your pace for any distance
  • Lifetime access to go at your own pace or review in the future.

Whether you’re looking to run faster or set a new PR (without training harder or running more miles), check out Kneed for Speed.

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