How to Fix Muscle Strains in Runners

“It’s just some soreness or a muscle strain. I can run through it.”

As a Physical Therapist, I hear this all the time.

Most runners ignore their first symptoms, but this strategy will get you in trouble.

Here’s Why:
Minor setbacks can easily turn into serious injuries.

The way you handle an injury initially makes all the difference.

So, how do you heal from muscle soreness and strains fast?

Watch the video below!
(Spoiler: It involves a cool prop I stitched together with my kids’ tape 😉)


Here’s How It Works

Would you keep moving your finger if you had a cut on your knuckle?

Of course not, because it would take forever to heal. The same principle applies to muscle strains and soreness.

When you get a minor muscle tear, your body mobilizes to heal. However, if you keep pulling on the tear, it will worsen.

Eventually, you will have a serious injury on your hands.

How to Fix Muscle Strains Fast

Understanding the healing process can be the difference between a quick reset and a lingering injury.

Most runners make the mistake of running again too soon.

The key to overcoming any injury is to let the body heal initially.

Once you feel better, then you can ease back into running. This allows the body to adapt over time.

The Takeaway

It’s essential to address muscle strains and soreness correctly. Otherwise, you could wind up with a long-term injury.

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