How to Fix Running Injuries Fast

For runners over 40, the occasional running injury is likely. That’s just part of the gig.

However, injuries don’t have to derail your running long-term.

Here’s the thing:
You can recover from most running injuries in just 7 DAYS.

The key is that you need to take the proper steps (pun intended) to let the injury heal.

No, it’s not running through it or hoping it goes away on its own.

Watch this video to learn what you should do instead:


Avoid These Mistakes

Injured runners will typically follow the same pattern. Does this sound familiar?

When you first notice soreness or pain during a run – you ignore it.

If symptoms don’t improve, you decrease your distances. 

Next, you try spacing out runs.

As a last-ditch effort, you take a week or two off. When you try running again, the pain is still there. 

You’re weeks – or even months – into an injury.

Many runners give up and just run through the pain. Or they end up in my Physical Therapy office -frustrated and depressed.

But don’t lose hope. There’s a better way…

Here’s What to Do

The key is to recognize the injury early. 

Then, you need a step-by-step system to get you back to running safely.

In my free webinar, you will learn the 4-step system I use as a Physical Therapist to fix and prevent running injuries.

With these strategies, you can recover from most injuries in just 7 days!

Even if you’re not currently injured, the information in this webinar will help you at some point – guaranteed.

Watch my webinar and learn how you can run injury-free in the long run (yes! another pun 😉).

Ready to Run Injury-Free?

Learn how you unlock injury-free running with this free webinar from Physical Therapist, Steve Gonser.



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