TRY: Hamstring Stretch for Runners


When runners look to get faster, they look in all the traditional places.

Many will train harder by adding more miles, long runs, or speed work to their training plan. While this will produce results, it also requires MORE TIME and also increases injury risk.

That’s why, as a Physical Therapist, I love showing runners a time-friendly and safer way to tap into their speed.

The best place to start?
The hamstrings.

Tight hamstrings are like a parachute tied to your back. With every stride, they drag down your speed and make you work harder to maintain your pace.

When runners improve their hamstring flexibility, it allows them to open their stride, break away from shuffling, and travel farther on each step.

Instead of performing the typical hamstring stretch where you touch your toes or pull your leg over your head, try the stretch below.

This new dynamic hamstring stretch is specifically designed to help runners open their stride and get faster.

GIve it a try below, and be sure to check out Kneed for Speed — starting August 1st!

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