The Secret to Running Faster, Without Training Harder or Running More


If you want to run faster — without having to run more miles or train harder, this email is for you.

Here’s why:

There are a couple of ways most runners look to get faster:

  1. Run more miles
  2. Add more speed work

Both methods required you to train harder while finding more time in your busy schedule to do it. Also, both ways have a big problem: each comes with an increased risk for injury.

Most runners don’t realize that there’s another way to get faster. Unlike above, this new way doesn’t require more of your time — and it won’t increase your risk for injury.

Learning to tap into this NEW source of speed can help you not only run faster but also control your pace and finish races strong.

D’Arcy is a perfect example. He ran his first sub-1 hour for 8 miles — and ran his fastest mile on his last mile.

So how can you run faster and more consistent paces without having to train harder or risk injury?

Learn to Open Your Stride.

Most runners have a closed stride that results in shuffling. A closed stride works against you because you fail to travel down the road. Instead, you come crashing to the ground rather than traveling down the road.

Unfortunately, the problem gets worse when the legs are tired. Paces drift slower, and the shuffling becomes more pronounced.

Here’s the fact:
Shuffling with a closed stride limits your ability to run faster naturally. You’re forced to “muscle” yourself down the road rather than running relaxed.

Here’s why opening your stride provides an immediate boost to running speed:

  1. You run from your glutes and core muscles — breaking away from the less powerful and overused calf and knee muscles.
  2. You travel further on every step with an open stride — which means you can push off and travel down the road faster

Try this:
On your next run, open your stride by driving from the knee. You’ll find an almost immediate boost in running speed. (I teach the “Figure-4” position to make this happen naturally.)

The problem?

This new way of running is not sustainable, and most runners tire quickly and get frustrated.

Don’t give up. It’s not less efficient or wrong — you have old habits that need to be fixed.

Learning to run faster naturally with improved run form and open stride is what I’ll be teaching in my upcoming program, Kneed for Speed.

Kneed for speed is a four-week run form Bootcamp that teaches runners how to improve their run form, open their stride, and break away from shuffling to run faster.m

The once-a-year program starts on August 1, 2021, and early bird registration ends soon (price increase from $147 to $197).

Here’s what’s included in Kneed for Speed:

  • Lifetime access to the entire program to re-visit and complete at your own pace
  • Four weekly video training sessions that lay out the exact system I use to improve your running form with the focus of running faster
  • Learn “Figure-4” running that allows you NATURALLY to open your stride and break away from shuffling
  • Find how to “Dial On Your Speed” for complete control of your pace — even when you’re tired.
  • Print the Step-by-Step PDF guide to accompany videos to keep you organized and on track
  • Support from me and my team with live weekly Q&A sessions to get your questions answered
  • Get stronger and more flexible to support your new form with weekly drills and exercises.
  • A community of other runners to train with and learn from who are also improving their run form.

To help you further, you also get these free bonuses with registration:

  1. Foam Rolling Seminar: ($99 Value)  Dust off your foam roller and learn how to get maximum results from your foam roll and target key areas for runners
  2. FINISH STRONG: eBook & Seminar: ($116 value)- Get my actual ebook and coaching seminar on your favorite device and learn other run form changes you can use on race day to finish races strong and change your mindset — this is a great compliment to Kneed for Speed

Kneed for Speed is an annual program that you don’t want to miss.

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