The Exercise Runners Should Stop Doing


 Are weak glutes making it difficult for you to run consistently and injury-free?

As a physical therapist, I see a lot of runners doing exercises that aren’t helping them. If your goal is to run injury-free, you need to do exercises that are runner-specific.

Watch this video to learn more:

Runner-specific exercises simulate the running motion, so they’re more effective at preventing injury.

Avoid This Exercise

One of the worst exercises for runners is the clamshell.

With strength training, you need to exercise the muscles the same way you use them while running. This means you should always have your foot planted on the ground.

Your muscles fire in a certain way when you run. They don’t fire in the same way when your foot is off the ground – like a clamshell or leg lift.

Think about how you do the clamshell, laying on your side and lifting your leg up. It doesn’t look like running, does it?

If your foot isn’t on the ground, it’s likely not a good exercise for runners.

Identify Your Weak Muscles

Not sure how to recognize which muscles are weak?

 Watch this video to see how Steve identifies glute and hip weakness in an injured runner.

Key Takeaway

The clamshell is an outdated exercise that won’t help you get stronger for running.

If you want to run injury-free, you MUST focus on runner-specific exercises. It’s the only way to build up the appropriate muscles to stabilize your pelvis and prevent injury.

Doing the right exercises will lead to more consistency with running and fewer aches and pains.

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