Run Form Drill for Midfoot Running


This is a must-try drill for any runner working on run form.

As a Physical Therapist and running coach, I find that 90% of runners are heel strikers. This means they hit the ground heel first with a straight knee.

Doing this will turn the leg into a battering ram, causing injuries and slower running.

If you want better run form, you need to learn midfoot strike.

This drill is terrific for helping you find your midfoot and improve your run form.

It’s simple to do and can be added to any warm-up or cool down. You can even practice it around the house.

Watch the video and give it a try!


Why Run Midfoot?

If you’re a heel striker, you should know that every step you take is pushing you backwards. As you can imagine, this will slow you down significantly.

Heel striking will also increase your risk for injury. Hitting the ground heel first with a straight leg will prevent your natural shock absorbers from being engaged and wreak havoc on your joints.

What you want to do instead is land on your midfoot with a vertical shin.

By landing midfoot, you will reduce the strain on your knees by allowing your body to naturally absorb shock.

You will also increase speed by reducing the braking forces that cause heel strikers to start and stop on every step.

Changing your run form can be tricky at first. That’s why I like to start with this simple drill.

How to Do the Drill

Stand up tall, unlock your knees, and walk forward flat-footed. I call this the shuffle walk because you’ll feel like you’re shuffling.

Make sure you’re putting the foot down without overextending the leg. Think of a laser shooting out the front of your foot as it comes down flat.

Do the drill for 30 seconds to dial in your midfoot landing.

Then, slowly, turn it into a run. Toggle back and forth between shuffle walking and midfoot running until you feel comfortable just running.

The Takeaway

If you want more speed and fewer injuries, you need to run midfoot strike.

This drill is a great way to get started changing your stride.

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