Run Form Drill for Fast Running


Do you struggle with shuffling and scuffing? If so, this information can help you.

Here’s the thing:
Most runners shuffle and scuff their feet.

Shuffling and scuffing are what I call a “closed stride.”  It prevents you from running faster… it’s kind of like running with a parachute tied to your waist.

That’s why I love the Figure 4 Drill. Figure 4 allows runners to open their stride for more speed – even when tired. 

Watch the video to see how it’s done!

Here’s What to Do

The Figure 4 position signifies that the stride is open and free to run faster.

To achieve Figure 4 running, drive your knee forward and allow your leg to fold underneath.

A word of caution:
Do not lift your feet and use a “butt kick.” It’s incorrect form and wastes energy.

When you do Figure 4 correctly, you’ll notice two things:

  1. A surge in speed
  2. Difficulty sustaining the form

The first is excellent, but without the second – it’s meaningless.

To conquer #2, you need the proper drills, stretches, and exercises to build the habit for the long run (😊)

That’s what I’ll be teaching in Kneed for Speed!

Run Fast from Your First Step to Your Last

Kneed for Speed is 4-week annual bootcamp that teaches runners how to run faster without having to train harder or run more.

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  • Weekly live coaching and Q&As to answer all your questions
  • Speed & pace control sessions to dial in your pace for any distance
  • Lifetime access to go at your own pace or review in the future.

Kneed for Speed works into existing training plans, and you can practice the techniques WHILE YOU RUN!

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Whether you’re looking to run faster or set a new PR (without training harder or running more miles), check out Kneed for Speed.

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