Open Your Stride with the Figure-4 Run Form Drill


Do you struggle to finish runs and races strong? If so, practice this run form drill and learn how to run faster — even when you’re tired.

Here’s the thing:
When most runners get tired toward the end of a race or run, they try one of two things:

  • Muscle through it
  • Breakdown mentally

Both situations typically result in a closed stride where the legs lose their turnover and become more challenging to pick up. The result? A race or run with weeks, months, or even years of race preparation is ruined.

That’s why runners must learn how to open their stride. It allows focusing your mind away from the struggle and helps you maintain pace and even run faster.

An open stride allows runners to travel further on every step, equating to more speed on every stride. It also provides better engagement of glute and core muscles as you run.

To open your stride, it’s always helpful to slow down the movement and practice a drill.

One of my favorites is this knee drive drill. The drill teaches runners the “figure four” position required to open their stride correctly.

Try this drill:

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