Must-Try: Hip Flexor Stretch for Runners

If you’re a runner who struggles with shuffling, opening your stride, or running faster, you’ll want to read below.

Here’s the big misconception:

Running faster and finishing races stronger comes from training harder, running more miles, and completing more speed workouts.

While this will undoubtedly make you a stronger runner, it’s not achievable for most. Traditional methods of focusing on increasing training volume and intensity are difficult when most runners are limited on time.

Plus, more volume and intensity create an increased risk for injury.

That’s why runners need to consider other aspects of training to boost their training and running — like stretching.

The hip flexor stretch below is a great starting point.

Flexible hips allow runners to break away from shuffling, which means they can open their stride and run faster — even when they’re tired.

Give this hip flexor stretch a try:



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