How to Strengthen Your Glutes: The Speedskater


Are you focused on strength training but still getting injured?

Here may be the problem: Your exercises aren’t runner-specific.

Many runners believe clamshells or leg lifts are the way to go, but those exercises fall short when it comes to injury prevention.

As a physical therapist, I’m constantly treating injured runners who are doing the wrong exercises to strengthen their glutes.

Why Target the Glutes?

Runners typically lack strength in the glutes, which is the root cause for many running injuries.

Glutes are essential for running, and if they’re not strong enough, you will get injured.

The speedskater is one of my favorite exercises for targeting the glute muscles.

Watch this video and give it a try!

Here’s How to Do It

Start by balancing on your left foot. I like to soften my knee a little.

Once you feel balanced, tip your chest forward, hinging from the hip. (Note: That hip hinge is important because it will activate your glute muscle.)

Next, reach forward with your right arm and back with your right leg. Touch the ground with your toe.

Then, pull yourself back up to a marching position, balanced on the left leg. Do 3 sets of 10 on both sides.

Make It Harder

To increase the difficulty, hold a weight in your hand as you reach for the ground. Adding the weight will strengthen that glute muscle more.

Avoid This Mistake

Form is key when building glute strength to avoid injury.

One mistake runners make is stepping down fully on the back foot. Be sure to tap the foot on the ground.

Another common mistake is keeping the upper body straight, which fails to activate the glute muscles.

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