How to Run From Glutes, Core


If you want to run faster, finish runs stronger, and have better pace control, you need run from your glutes and core.

Here’s why:
Most runners rely too heavily on their calves and knees to run. While both muscles groups are strong, they are quick to tire and lack the strength and endurance of glute and core muscles.

How do you know if you’re neglecting your glute and core muscles?

For most, it’s seen in runners who struggle with shuffling and picking up their feet. Performance issues also arise as calfs, quads, and hamstrings cramp or tighten up when overused. Slowly, or sometimes drastically, the pace slows with each passing mile or kilometer.

Luckily, by tweaking your run form you can learn to run from your glutes and core. Teaching yourself to change your run form is more complicated than flipping a switch. Runner’s need:

  • Proper drills to break bad habits
  • Flexibility in key areas that allow the body to move
  • Strength to sustain the new style of running
  • Practice & coaching to hold the new form — even when you’re tired

Take a look at this video to learn more about running from your core and glutes — then check out Kneed for Speed below!

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