How to Run Faster


To get faster, you need to train harder and run more, right?

While that may help, it could increase your risk for injury.

Luckily, there is a way you can get faster – and it doesn’t require more of your time.

What you need is good run form.

Most runners don’t realize that the typical way of running kills any chance of carrying power from one step to the next.

With a simple change to your run form, you can tap into free speed.

As a Physical Therapist and running coach, I’ve seen many runners make incredible improvements just by fixing their stride.

Watch the video to learn more:


Avoid This Mistake

Most runners run like they walk, heel first with a straight leg.

The problem is that when the leg comes down straight, it becomes a battering ram. The force of the ground will come up through the shin and thigh, meeting bone on bone.

This will put extreme pressure on the joints, which can cause injury.

Running this way will also cause you to ‘tap the brakes’ on your speed.

You will build momentum as you push off, only to lose it every time your heel hits the ground.

This is because the force of the ground through your heel will drive you backwards.

To demonstrate, try standing in that position with your heel down and back leg lifted.

It’s not possible. You will fall backwards.

You’re doing this to your stride every time you take a step.

Get More Pop in Your Stride

Your muscles and tendons are like rubber bands. They have a natural pop to them.

What’s great about this natural pop is that it doesn’t cost any energy. 

When you load your muscles correctly, the elastic casing around them will automatically give you a pop in your stride.

To run properly, you want to land on your midfoot with a vertical shin and toes straight ahead.

Doing this will give you that natural shock absorption to protect from injury.

You will also load those rubber bands the second you land. As you push off from the back leg, the release of force going forward will give you that pop in your stride.

The Takeaway

You need to have good run form for more speed and fewer injuries.

If you’re running correctly, you will engage the natural pop in your stride. This will help you run faster with less effort.

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