How to Run Faster & Control Your Pace

Running more consistent paces from start to finish is possible.

The secret?
Leveraging your run form.

As runs and races progress, most runners fade, their paces slow, and with each passing mile, their goals slip away. For those who do hang on, it’s typically sheer willpower and muscling through the fatigue.

Most runners don’t realize that there’s a little-known way to use your form to hold paces. If done correctly, it can help you run faster even as your legs get tired.

Learning to open your stride is the secret. An open stride breaks runners away from shuffling and allows them to run faster naturally.

Wondering what an open stride looks like? Take a look at the video below. In it, I’ll show you how to break away from shuffling and MAXIMIZE every stride to run faster and control your pace.

Want to Run Faster?

Without Having to Train Harder or Run More Miles?

It’s possible with Kneed for Speed, a four-week bootcamp from Physical Therapist, Steve Gonser PT DPT.

Get all the training, drills, stretches, and exercises you need to break away from shuffling, open your stride, and finally run faster.



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