How to Prevent Running Injuries


If you’re a runner seeking to train without injury, read on!

As a Physical Therapist, I find that runners most often get hurt four to six weeks into training.


They ramp up their training too quickly without having a plan.

Fortunately, you can avoid injury by focusing on two main areas.

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Run Consistently

For many runners, their training has peaks and valleys. They will run a lot, stop for a while, then run a lot again.

The problem here is that your muscles, tendons, and joints need time to acclimate to running.

If you take time off in the middle of training, whether it be due to injury or life, the body loses its resilience to injury.

That’s why consistency is so important.

It’s normal to have some fluctuation during your training, but you want to be as consistent as possible.

Prioritize Your Strength

As you start training, it’s important to concentrate on strength.

There are three areas runners most often struggle with: glutes, core, and balance.

The best way to get stronger is with runner-specific strength exercises focused on these areas.

PRO TIP:  Try focusing on single-leg strength exercises.  These exercises carry over to running and are better at fixing imbalances.

By doing this, you can avoid injury as your body gets exposed to the impact of running again.

The Takeaway

If you want to train injury-free, you need to run consistently and focus on your strength.

This will ensure that you make it to race day feeling fully prepared and healthy.

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