How to Prepare for a Race


Are you training for an upcoming race?

If so, there’s something you need to know – especially if you want to PR and stay injury-free.

Here’s the full video:


The big point for runners is this:
What you do BEFORE your training plan starts is important.

As a Physical Therapist, I recommend two key areas for running fast & injury-free.

#1 Build Your Strength Reserves

Once you start training, your time is short. Working your training schedule around sporting events, children, etc., can get hectic.

What happens when you don’t have enough time?

You will probably skip strength training and go for a run instead. Let’s be honest 😏

That’s why it’s so important to build strength BEFORE you start training.

It takes time to build, but it will carry over into the meat of your training. It will be easy to reach race day injury-free if you’re strong.

#2 Follow the 60% Rule

Most runners pick a date to start training and ramp-up milage quickly.

Instead, I encourage you to apply the 60% rule. Your goal is to run 60% of your peak distance before you start training.

For instance, if your training plan goes up to 50 mi/km per week, you should be running 30 mi/km before you start training.

This will give your muscles, joints, and tendons a nice base to prevent injury.

If you’re already training and you missed this step, no worries. Just give yourself a longer build period and emphasize strength training early on. I promise it will be worth it.

Main Message

Success in running is more than a training plan. It involves preparation & consistency.

Building strength reserves and following the 60% rule will set you up for fast & injury-free running…year after year.

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