Run Fast —
Without All the Injuries.

RunSmart provides Physical Therapist-designed training & strength workouts trusted by over 3,000 runners.


Run Fast – Without All the Injuries.

RunSmart provides Physical Therapist-designed training & strength workouts trusted by over 3,000 runners.

GET a 14 day trial for $1

All Your Training in One Place

Get 24/7 access to your training from any device – without expensive coaching, trainers, or gym memberships.


“My core & glutes are stronger than ever.

RunSmart has made me a happy runner now that I identified and fixed my weak spots. One year in, I say bring on the speedskaters and deadlifts after a 10-mile run! I can do it now!!”

– Tammy

Say Goodbye to
Cookie-Cutter Training

Don’t jeapordize your running with generic group plans and excel spreadsheets.  Get 24/7 access to customized training with RunSmart.



Strength workouts for runners to fix imbalances that prevent you from running injury-free


Runner-Specific Yoga for flexibility so you can feel your best running


Runner-specific free weight programs that improve your fitness, speed, and strength


Customized Training Plans that break you away from generic group & online plans


Access to our Physical Therapists and Run Group of 2,000+ runners for advice on all things running


24/7 Access to your Training anytime, anywhere & on any device


Weak Glutes? Let’s Fix That.

Most runners struggle to run fast and injury-free due to imbalances.  RunSmart workouts target & fix trouble areas to keep you running your best.

12 Workouts – $149 Value

BaseSix Bootcamp was built by Physical Therapist Steve Gonser to target and fix imbalances that cause running injuries. The program concentrates on building stronger glutes and core muscles to keep you running your best.

18 Workouts – $149 Value

RunSmart Yoga is a runner-specific yoga program that’s perfect for improving flexibility and building core strength. The program focuses on fixing key imbalances that commonly cause injury so you can feel your best and run injury free!

12 Workouts – $99 Value

Build upper body, lower body, core strength, and endurance all at once using kettlebells or free weights. The program focuses on preventing the most common injuries to keep you running in your prime!

Get Started Today.

Join over 3,000 runners who trust their training to RunSmart!

Physical Therapist-Designed Training – to Keep You Fast & Injury-Free

Looking to hit a new running goal… or just looking to run all year without soreness, pain, or injury?

RunSmart can help.

Designed by Physical Therapist and 6X Boston Qualifier Steve Gonser, RunSmart provides runners 24/7 access to your training that focuses on helping age-group runners succeed.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is RunSmart?

RunSmart is an online and app-based program specifically designed to help runners run fast & injury-free. Our runners get 24/7 access to Physical Therapist-designed programs – without the high cost of a coach, trainer, or gym.

What does a RunSmart membership include?

RunSmart aims to provide you with all of your training in one place - for one low price.

Your membership includes unlimited access to strength workouts, training plans, run form training, and our private run group you can use for advice on all things running.

How do I access my RunSmart Training?

When you join RunSmart, you get 24/7 access to your training from home or work on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV. RunSmart is compatible with both AirPlay and ChromeCast for easy streaming options!

How do I incorporate the strength training?

RunSmart strength programs are easily integrated into any training & running program.

Most programs are around 30 minutes. Add the training 2x/week for best results.

Can I ask questions & get support?

Absolutely. Our private community includes access not only to our team of Physical Therapists but to over 2,000 other RunSmart members.

In addition, a live Q&A is hosted monthly where members can submit their questions for review. 

What happens after the 2-week trial?

Memberships automatically renews at $15/month. Alternatively, you can upgrade to an annual plan for $119/year and save 34%. You can easily cancel your membership anytime from your Account settings.

Strength Workouts… And More.

RunSmart is more than strength workouts. You can also access other great programs that will keep you running fast & injury-free.

$199 Value!

Customized Training Plans

Say goodbye to generic training plans and high coaching fees.

Build, customize, and change your training plan on the fly — all in a proven system that will help you run faster, stronger, and avoid injuries.

$199 Value!

Run Form Coaching

Do you ever feel like your stride is off and could use a little work?

RunSmart includes a step-by-step coaching program with all the drills and exercises you need to tweak, fix, or completely overhaul your run form.


Hear from a few of the 3,000+ runners currently who have committed to running faster, stronger, & injury-free.

A note from Physical Therapist
Steve Gonser PT DPT

If you’re a 40+ runner looking to hit new goals and stay injury-free, RunSmart is for you.

With RunSmart, you get everything you need to hit your running goals and prevent injury – all in one place.

Nix the high cost of coaches, trainers, and gyms and access my runner-specific strength workouts, training plans and more from either the RunSmart website or app.

You will be fully supported on your running journey with access to myself, other Physical Therapists, and thousands of other runners with our private run group.

There’s no better time to start training smarter for more speed and fewer injuries.

For a limited time, start a 14-day trial for only $1!

I look forward to helping you hit all your running goals!

Ready for Fast and Injury-Free Running?

Get everything you need with RunSmart – without expensive coaches, trainers, or gyms!

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