How to Correct Your Run Form


For many runners working on their technique, overstriding can be a big issue.

As a Physical Therapist and running coach, I’m often asked about the difference between opening your stride and overstriding.

When runners first start working on their form, they frequently misunderstand correct running technique.

They think you should land underneath your center of mass, but that’s not realistic.

Your foot needs to land in front, so your glutes and hamstrings will engage to launch you forward.

The trick is to avoid overstriding when you do this.

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Stop Overstriding

Most runners are guilty of overstriding, which happens when you land on your heel with a straight leg.

Hitting the ground this way is a problem because you lose the ability to shock absorb. This will place pressure on your joints and increase risk of injuries.

Landing on a straight leg will also cut into your speed because the ground will push you backwards on every step.

If you want to test it, try standing on your heel with your leg extended. You will fall backwards immediately.

Run Midfoot

What you should do instead is land with a midfoot strike.

The key is to teach yourself to slow the swing of your leg and let yourself land with a vertical shin.  Doing so allows for a natural and relaxed midfoot strike.

Your foot will still come down in front of you, but your leg won’t be overextended. The difference of just an inch or two will make a huge impact on your stride.

The most important piece of midfoot running is the soft knee. This will increase your shock absorption which will reduce your risk of injury.

Landing on a bent knee will also give you more speed because the ground won’t be pushing you backwards. Your stride will help you launch forward with every step.

Key Takeaway

If you want to run faster and avoid injuries, you need to run midfoot.

With midfoot running, you will open your stride without overstriding.

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