How the Pros Run So Fast


Want to know why the pros are so fast?

Of course, there are many reasons you can’t replicate (sorry!).

You’re not likely gifted with the heart and lungs of an elite, nor will your body hold up to the intense training and high volume.

But… there are things that you can copy to run faster – even when you’re tired.

Watch the video to learn what to do!


Open Your Stride

The secret to running faster is to open your stride like the pros do.

In the video of Kipchoge, take notice of:

  • The pop in his stride
  • The high heels during swing
  • The distance traveled with each step

You can take this running style from the pros to improve your speed. Learning to run this way can be the difference between crashing into “the wall” or cruising to a PR.

What Runners Do Wrong

Most runners fail to open their stride. Instead, they lose power and speed due to a closed stride (think shuffling).

When runners shuffle, it’s like running with a parachute. And as fatigue sets in, the parachute only grows.

That’s why learning to open your stride is essential.

It’s what I’ll be teaching in my annual program – Kneed for Speed (starting July 31).

Run Faster Without Training Harder

Kneed for Speed is 4-week annual bootcamp that teaches runners how to run faster without having to train harder or run more.

If you want to run fast from the first step to the last, this program is for you.

Included with Kneed for Speed:

  • Step-by-step video training for 4 weeks to improve your run form
  • Stretches & exercises to fix bad habits that stop you from running fast
  • Weekly guided audio runs that teach technique while running
  • Weekly live coaching and Q&As to answer all your questions
  • Speed & pace control sessions to dial in your pace for any distance
  • Lifetime access to go at your own pace or review in the future.

The best part? Kneed for Speed works into existing training plans, and the techniques are easy to learn.

Whether you’re looking to run faster or set a new PR (without training harder or running more miles), check out Kneed for Speed.

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