The Must-Try Power Move: Deadlift for Runners


Have you been facing injury after injury while training for a race?

Want to fix the imbalances that are the route cause?

 I’ve got you covered.

 Runners walk into my physical therapy clinic every week with a range of complaints. Whether they’ve got tight hamstrings, weakened glutes, or poor balance, all of these factors can limit running performance.

 There’s one exercise that has the power to change everything: the single-leg deadlift.

Why Incorporate a Deadlift?

 While you might associate deadlifts with the protein-fuelled world of bodybuilding, they’re a universally beneficial exercise – especially for runners. This specific type of deadlift will activate your hamstrings, set your glutes on fire and contribute to better overall balance.

Learn How to Do a Single-Leg Deadlift

To begin enjoying the benefits of a single-leg deadlift, center your body and stand on one leg. Once you’ve found your balance, unlock your standing knee slightly to release some resistance and place your hands palms-up behind your back.

Arch Forwards

Arching forwards is what makes this exercise so powerful. Hinge towards the floor as if you were picking something up, keeping your hands behind your back and kicking up your other leg behind you. Once you’ve dropped as far as your body allows, you should pull yourself back up using both core and leg strength, ending in the figure-four position.

TOP TIP: Rounding the spine with load the lower back and turn the glutes off. Hinging from the hips and slightly arching your back is the best way to complete a deadlift.

Repeat for 10 reps, one to three sets on both sides!

Progress With Weights

Adding weights to this exercise is strongly recommended. Not only will it change your running, but it will also help you in your everyday life.

Grab a kettlebell and hold it with the opposite arm to the leg you’re standing on. This will create a bit more tip and pull, keeping the glutes activated. Maintain your spine posture and hinge forward, just like without the weights.

2 or 3 sets of 10 single-leg deadlifts have big potential when it comes to targeting common running problems. Incorporate this into your weekly strength workout to build balance, improve leg strength and get those glutes activated – the ideal trio for injury-free running.

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