Best Calf & Hip Stretch to Improve Run Form


Do you feel stiff and sore when you run?

If so, this stretch is for you!

As a Physical Therapist and running coach, I find that many runners struggle with tight calves and hips.

If you can loosen up those muscles, it will really help you improve your run form.

Watch the video to learn the stretch!


Why Do This Stretch?

To change the way you run, you need to have the pieces of your anatomy in place.

If your calves and hips are too tight, it’s like running with a parachute on your back. You’ve handicapped yourself.

These areas need to be opened up, and this is a great stretch to do it.

You can easily add it to your warm-up or cool down, and it will really help your running.

Here’s How to Do It

Put your left foot up on a stool or chair. You can use your front steps as well. Just try to have something to hang onto so you can keep your balance.

Face forward with both toes pointing straight ahead. Make sure your back heel is touching the ground.

Glide forward and back. You will feel the stretch in either your calf or your hip, whichever is tightest.

For a better stretch, take your right arm over your head in a C motion as you glide forward. Your left hand should reach down towards the floor. Do 20 reps on both sides.

Main Message

Better run form starts with flexibility, especially in your calves and hips.

If those muscles are loose, improving your run form will be much easier.

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