Avoid Hitting the Wall


Have you ever hit “the wall” at a race?

You know the feeling – your legs are moving, but you’re not going anywhere?

Luckily, with a few tweaks to your stride, you can smash through the wall and chase down a new PR.

Quick note:  Nothing fixes going out too hard. However, if you run smart and pace responsibly, you can run FAST from start to finish.

Watch the video to learn how!

Here’s What to Do

When you notice your stride is breaking down & pace is slowing, shift your focus to your run form.

The goal is to break away from shuffling and scuffing. Running this way closes the stride and overuses the lower legs. 

The result? A loss of power, speed, and often painful cramps.

Instead, focus on opening your stride and driving from the hips.  Proper execution results in a rise in your heels (you know, like those pros have!) and the feeling of gliding over the ground.

An open stride also:

  • Taps into the glutes and core muscles to combat leg fatigue
  • Let’s you travel further on each step (more speed)
  • Breaks away from shuffling and scuffing
  • Provides better pace control – even when tired

Another bonus…

When the spectator shouts, “you’re looking great,” you’ll confidently know you do 😏

How to Open Your Stride

Learning to open your stride isn’t difficult and can be learned quickly.

It requires:

  • The right drills to teach your body correct form
  • Flexibility to free up the legs
  • Strength to sustain the technique
  • Practice to make it a habit

That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching in Kneed for Speed.

Run Fast From Start to Finish

Kneed for Speed is 4-week annual bootcamp that teaches runners how to run faster without having to train harder or run more.

Included with Kneed for Speed:

  • Step-by-step video training for 4 weeks to improve your run form
  • Stretches & exercises to fix bad habits that stop you from running fast
  • Weekly guided audio runs that teach technique while running
  • Weekly live coaching and Q&As to answer all your questions
  • Speed & pace control sessions to dial in your pace for any distance
  • Lifetime access to go at your own pace or review in the future.

Kneed for Speed works into existing training plans, and you can practice the techniques WHILE YOU RUN.

Plus, with LIFETIME ACCESS, you can start when it’s convenient and revisit the training whenever you like.

Whether you’re looking to run faster or set a new PR (without training harder or running more miles), check out Kneed for Speed!

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